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MCA- Lesotho II appoints ‘Mannana Phalatse as Chief Executive Officer

MCA- Lesotho II appoints ‘Mannana Phalatse as Chief Executive Officer

October 12, 2023

MCA- Lesotho II appoints ‘Mannana Phalatse as Chief Executive Officer

The Board of Directors of the Millennium Challenge Account-Lesotho II Authority (MCA-Lesotho II) is delighted to announce the appointment of Mrs. ‘Mannana Phalatse as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This appointment signifies the culmination of an extensive and rigorous selection process to identify the CEO for the newly established MCA-Lesotho II, which holds responsibility for the implementation of the Health and Horticulture compact.

Prior to assuming this role, Mrs. Phalatse distinguished herself as the Head of Compact II Development, where she adeptly led a diverse team of experts in crafting the Lesotho Health and Horticulture Compact. Her previous roles included serving as the Senior Economist and Economist at the Lesotho Millennium Development Agency (LMDA), an organization tasked with the development of the Compact.

In 2003, Mrs. ‘Mannana Phalatse commenced her career as a Senior Customs officer at the then Lesotho Revenue Authority. She progressed through the ranks, taking on roles as an Economist and later as a Senior Analyst. Seeking fresh challenges, she made a significant move to the United States Embassy in Maseru, Lesotho, where she served as an Economic Specialist. Following this, she assumed the position of Economic Adviser to the Ministry of Development Planning, actively contributing to the development of Lesotho’s second National Strategic Development Plan. She also briefly held the role of Head of Division for Reserves Management and Market Operations at the Central Bank of Lesotho.

Mrs. Phalatse is a seasoned and accomplished young leader, holding a Master’s degree in International Trade and Development Policy, an Honours Degree in Financial Economics and Banking, and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics with a minor in Statistics. She brings over two decades of experience in both government and international development organizations.

Commenting on her appointment as CEO of MCA-Lesotho II, Mrs. Phalatse expressed her deep commitment, stating, “MCA-Lesotho II is an exceptional organization that will play a pivotal role in driving the economic growth of our nation. It will particularly enhance rural livelihoods, promote private sector participation in national development, and improve the overall health outcomes of our citizens. Serving as the CEO of MCA-Lesotho II is a true honour. Throughout my career, I have contributed in various capacities to the development of our country, and I fully embrace this organization’s mandate. I am proud to have worked with the talented and dedicated Compact Development Team to craft the second compact, drawing from their unique capabilities to deliver this remarkable program for the Kingdom of Lesotho.”

When discussing the reasoning behind Mrs. Phalatse’s appointment as CEO, Ms. Maleshoane Lekomola-Danziger, the Chairperson of the Board, highlighted several pivotal elements that played a significant role in her selection. Mrs. Phalatse’s designation as CEO was grounded in her well-established history of achievements, her strong leadership attributes, and her capacity to articulate a compelling vision for the future. These factors, combined with her suitability for the position and the vital initiatives of the organization, positioned her as the perfect choice to lead MCA-Lesotho II.

In her new role as CEO, Mrs. Phalatse faces the formidable task of steering MCA-Lesotho II toward achieving its mandate, which involves implementing the $322.5 million Health and Horticulture compact within a five-year timeline, commencing in March 2024. This compact aims to enhance access to quality healthcare, foster equitable business development opportunities, invest in high-value crop production, and boost profits and formal employment opportunities for women- and youth-owned enterprises. The Compact comprises three projects: Health Systems Strengthening, Market-Driven Irrigated Horticulture, and Business Environment Technical Assistance.

MCA–Lesotho II serves as an independent authority of the Government of Lesotho, working diligently to alleviate poverty through sustainable, inclusive economic growth. It is funded by a $3 million grant from the United States government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).

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