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Political Section
January 1, 2020

The Political Section is responsible for tracking significant political trends in Lesotho, while also following regional political trends and human rights issues as well as maintaining close and constant liaison with the highest levels of Lesotho’s military to designate and administer courses given in Lesotho. Communicate directly with all elements of various U.S. Military Commands especially the European Command / Africa Command, the Defense Attache’ and the Office of Defense Cooperation at the Embassy in Pretoria, R.S.A.

Responsible for the for security cooperation training program management of the Department of Defense (DOD) International Military Education Training (IMET) program, the Counter-Terrorism Fellowship Program(CTFP) and the Department of Defense HIV / AIDS Prevention Program (DHAPP) at Makoanyane Military Hospital (MMH). Involved in the drafting of the Trafficking in Persons Report, the Child Labor Report, the International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR), International Religious Freedom Report, Financial Crimes and Money Laundering Report.

And coordinates US European Command’s Humanitarian Assistance programs, for rehabilitation of rural schools and clinics in the rural areas of Lesotho. Also oversee US Military excess property to the Ministries of Health and Education. Helps evaluate proposed Humanitarian Assistance and Self-Help projects in remote and isolated locations in Lesotho. Accompanying the Ambassador/DCM on excursions to the interior for special events where US representation and presence are important.

For further information, contact our Political Specialist on 22-312-666 or MoeaRD@state.gov.