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Political Section
June 20, 2023

Political Section

The Political Section is responsible for tracking significant political trends in Lesotho, while also following regional political trends and human rights issues as well as maintaining close liaison with Lesotho government officials and security agencies to strengthen U.S.-Lesotho bilateral cooperation.  The Section also maintains contact with Non-Governmental Organizations, religious groups and other marginalized groups.  The Section is involved in the drafting of the annual U.S. Government Trafficking in Persons Report, , the International Religious Freedom Report, and Human Rights Report.

The Section coordinates with the U.S. Embassy in Pretoria Office of Defense Cooperation on U.S. Department of Defense security cooperation training program management.  The Section also coordinates on Africa Command Humanitarian Assistance programs for rehabilitation of rural schools and clinics in Lesotho.  The Section supports Protocol-related inquiries at U.S. Embassy Maseru and accompanies the Ambassador/DCM on excursions to the interior for special events where U.S. representation and presence are important.

For further information, contact our Political Specialist on (+266) 22-312-666 or MoeaRD@state.gov.