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Pre-Solicitation Notice; Solicitation Number: 19LT6022Q0001


August 2, 2022

General Information

Document Type: Pre-Solicitation Notice

Solicitation Number:19LT6022Q0001

Posted Date:  09/16/2022

Original Response Date: 09/30/2022

Current Response Date: 09/30/2022

Archive Date: 10/29/2022

Classification Code:    D

Location of Services to be performed: Maseru Lesotho

  • Mobile Telecommunications Services
  • Document Type: Pre-Solicitation Notice
  • Solicitation Number: 19LT6022Q0001
  • Classification Code: D
  •  NAICS Code: 517
  • Contracting Office Address:254 Kingsway Maseru Lesotho

Description: (Please note this solicitation is not ready to be issued as of this date.)

The Embassy of the United States in Maseru, Lesotho will issue a solicitation for mobile telecommunications services in Maseru, Lesotho.

This is an indefinite-quantity contract for the services. For each year of the contract, the U.S. Government guarantees a minimum of 70 cell phones lines. The maximum number of cell phone lines for each year of this contract is not expected to exceed 150 cell phone lines. These requirements may change depending on funding availability in forthcoming periods. Anticipated performance is for one base period and four-year option periods.

The contractor shall furnish managerial, administrative, and direct labor personnel to accomplish all work required. Cost of airtime per second, data, roaming and other services must be included in the price proposal.

All responsible sources may submit an offer which shall be evaluated. The Government plans to issue the solicitation during the month of September 2022.

Note: The response date is not a firm date, please see the RFP for the actual date.

All contractors must be registered in the SAM (System for Award Management) Database at https://www.sam.gov at time of quote/proposal submission and provide evidence thereof pursuant to FAR provision 52.204-7. Therefore, prospective offerors are highly encouraged to register immediately as non-registration may deem the offeror to be non-responsive and disqualified from consideration.”

The solicitation will also be issued via this website at: http://www.sam.gov and the Embassy’s website.

Original Point of Contact: Jeremy Bulgrien, Contracting Officer, Phone +266-22312666, Email: BulgrienJA@state.gov

Secondary Point of Contact: Senate Makhalanyane, Contracting Agent, Phone: +266-22312666, Email: MakhalanyaneS@State.gov