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September 9, 2022

Statement by Ambassador Maria Brewer in the lead up to Lesotho’s National Elections


Less than a month from now, Lesotho will hold national elections, the country’s first scheduled elections in nearly 10 years. This is a historic moment. The United States stands with Lesotho in its efforts to hold elections that are free, fair, and transparent, and free of violence.

To the country’s leaders, and those who aspire to lead, the United States calls on you to refrain from inflammatory rhetoric and from supporting acts of intimidation. Violence has no place in a democratic election. To the media, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders ensuring the people are well-informed and able to advocate for their interests, your work is as important as ever – please keep it up! And to those who are eligible to vote, I hope you will cast your ballots. Democracy can only work if the people participate.