U.S. Ambassador Inaugurates New Primary School Classroom in Mohale’s Hoek

Today U.S. Ambassador Matthew T. Harrington inaugurated a new classroom building at Fika-La-Ts’oene Primary School in Mohale’s Hoek District constructed with the support of the American people through the U.S. Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Fund.

Fika-La-Ts’oene Primary School’s project was one of eight projects selected this year from over 100 applications to receive a grant from the U.S. Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Fund. This grant for $5,400 (approximately M64,000) has allowed the school to construct an additional classroom building to help provide instructional space for their over 150 students.

During the event, Ambassador Harrington said, “I urge you all, as teachers, as parents, as leaders, and as community champions, to continue to build on the good work we are celebrating today.  Nurture and protect the children at this school.  Teach them not only about reading and math, but about life skills, prevention of HIV/AIDS, and civic responsibility.  These children represent the future of Lesotho and we must cherish both what they are, and who they will become.”

The U.S. Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Fund awards grants to community groups and schools in Lesotho that are working to improve the basic economic and social conditions of their villages, schools, or communities. Grants are awarded once a year to projects that demonstrate local initiative and self-sustainability. Typical projects have included the construction of health clinics and community centers, agricultural projects, boreholes, and pit latrines.  The U.S. has funded several projects in Mohale’s Hoek under this program including a layers project for Mohale’s Hoek High School, an agricultural project at Good Shepherd Primary School, and pit latrines for Hope High School.

For more information about this and other U.S. Embassy grant opportunities, please click here.