Medical Assistance

Please note: The Department of State assumes no responsibility or liability for the professional ability or reputation of, or the quality of services provided by, the entities or individuals whose names appear on the following lists. Inclusion on this list is in no way an endorsement by the Department or the U.S. government. Names are listed alphabetically, and the order in which they appear has no other significance. The information on the list is provided directly by the local service providers; the Department is not in a position to vouch for such information.

Last Updated May 2021

Note: The American Embassy assumes no responsibility for the professional ability and integrity of the persons whose names appear in this list of doctors

Medi-Clinic (Private)
Tel:  0027-51-404-6666
Tel:  0027-51-404-6838
A deposit is required on admission

Rosepark Hospital (Private)
Tel:  0027-51-505-5111
P.O. Box 3268
Bloemfontein 9301

National Hospital
Tel: 0027-51-405-3911
Postal Address:  P/B 20660
Bloemfontein 9301

Orange Hospital (Psychiatric)
Tel:  0027-51-432-4801

Pelonomi Hospital
Tel:  0027-51-409-1911

Universitas Hospital
22 Loagheman Street
P/Bag X20660
Tel:  0027-51-405-3911
Accounts Ms. Ina Van Heeren
Tel:  0027-51-405-3319

Pasteur Medical Center
Addison Street
Hospital Park
Tel:  0027-51-522-6601

Bloemcare Hospital
11 AG Visser Street
Langenhoven Park
Tel:  0027-51-446-3242

Bloemfontein Medi Trust Ambulance Services
Cell:  0027-82-951-309 or 0027-51-83-310-0097

Bloemfontein Ambulance Services
Tel:  0027-51-447-3111

Bloemfontein Mediclinic
Kellner Street, Bloemfontein
Tel:  (0027-51) 404-6666/404-6838

Laboratory – Drs. Voigt & Partners
Tel:  0027-51-401-4600 (Dr. Badenhorst or Weyers)

Trauma Unit

Wound Care Clinic

Mother & Baby Clinic

Emergency Contact
Ground Evacuation

Tel:  (0027-51) 421-4803 Cell:  0027-800-119-533

Mr. Etienne Smith – Paramedic Cell: 0027-82-572-2765

Life Response
(Quanatal) Tel:  0027-51-403-611

MRI International Tel:  0027-51-403-7080

Rosepark Hospital
Gustavingel 57, Fichard Park
Tel:  0027-51-505-5309

Trauma Unit
Tel:  0027-51-505-5200/3

Bloemfontein Medi-Trust Ambulance Services
Cell:  0027-82-951-3009 OR 0027-83-310-0097

Ladybrand Ambulance Services
Mr. Oberholzer (Tel:  0027-51-924-0777/0027-51-924-0654

Emergency Flying Intensive Care Unit – Tempe Airport Bloemfontein
Tel:  0027-51-474-754

Universitas Hospital (Contact in case of Mass casualty): Emergency Planning
P/Bag X 20660
Tel:  0027-51-405-3911

Accomodation Near Mediclinic
Hydromed Guest House
Kellner Str. 115
Tel.:  0027-51-448-0523

Accomodation Near Universitas Hospital
Unitas herbrg
22 Logeman Street
Bloemfontein 9301
Tel:  0027-51-422-6874 (100 meters away from hospital entrance)

Country Inn
1 Block from Hospital
Tel:  0027-51-522-4016

For Medical Equipment They Service the Portable Oxygen Kit
Protea Holdings
154 Mandela Street
Tel:  0027-51-447-7987

For Repair of EKG Machine/Defibrillator/Lifepack: Scientific Medical Equipment
16A Second Ave.
Tel:  0027-51-447-8655

Dr. B.C. Spies
Suite 103 MediClinic
Tel:  0027-51-444-1315
Res:  0027-51-311-286
Cell:  0027-82-800-4686

Dr. F.D. Piennar
Room 1
MediClinic Basement
Tel:  0027-51-448-0533 OR 0027-51-448-0792 OR 0027-51-522-1049
Cell:  0027-83-262-0651

Mrs. Renee Parkes
51 Langenhoven Street
Tel:  0027-51-312-583

Dr. Bosman
Pepler Chiropractic Clinic
89A Andries Pretorius
Tel:  0027-51-430-3271

Dentists in Bloemfontein, Ladybrand and Maseru
Dr. H. Jacobs
150 Mandela Street
Tel:  0027-51-430-1425 OR 0027-51-430-1444
*For cleaning teeth – separate appointment needed

Dr. Loots
Joubert Street
Tel:  0027-51-924-1359

Dr. Kotze
Suite 410 Mediclinic
Tel:  0027-51-444-3024