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U.S. Embassy Staff Climb Thabo Bosiu
Recognition of the Mountain’s Historic Significance to the Kingdom of Lesotho
April 22, 2022

United States Ambassador to Lesotho Maria E. Brewer Presents Credentials to His Majesty King Letsie III

Earlier today, United States Ambassador to Lesotho Maria E. Brewer led U.S. Embassy staff on a climb up Thaba Bosiu. The Embassy coordinated the outing with the Ministry of Tourism, Environment, and Culture. With approximately 85 staff members, the group made the climb so that American citizen staff could join their fellow Lesotho citizen colleagues in recognizing together the historic significance of the site that serves as the birthplace of the Mountain Kingdom.

Ambassador Brewer said, “This is a special place in the Kingdom’s history, where Morena Moshoeshoe I and his followers held off attackers, persevered together, and formed a nation based on his grace and the strength of the Basotho people. I wanted our American staff who are in Lesotho for only a few short years to experience this site alongside their colleagues who proudly live the Kingdom’s history.”

While on the summit, Ambassador Brewer led the group in a moment of silence at the gravesite of Morena Moshoeshoe I. Staff members also toured the cultural village at the base of Thaba Bosiu.

For more information, please contact the Public Affairs Section at the U.S. Embassy in Maseru via email at InfoMaseru@state.gov.