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U.S. Peace Corps in Lesotho
February 25, 2022

U.S. Peace Corps in Lesotho

Peace Corps/Lesotho is a mosaic of passionate and committed staff, Volunteers, and stakeholders. We create a culture that continuously embraces and nurtures talent and diversity. We pride ourselves in providing appropriate support and a conducive environment where work and family life thrive together. Like our mighty waterfalls made up of many tributaries, our respect and care for each other is our strength in building the Basotho capacity to improve our lives. We are the ambassadors of Peace and Friendship.

For over 55 years, Peace Corps Volunteers have helped communities build capacity to organize and implement sustainable education, agriculture, youth empowerment and health programs. They build relationships at the grassroots level, fostering peace in Lesotho and worldwide. Peace Corps Lesotho is currently involved in addressing the improvement of Education, as well as the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Lesotho. Since its establishment in 1967, over 2,600 American volunteers have served with Peace Corps Lesotho. By the end of 2023, 60 volunteers will work in all ten of Lesotho’s districts in two key long-term development areas, 1) Adolescent Health and 2) Education.

Under Peace Corps’ “Adolescent HIV/AIDS program”, Volunteers work to increase HIV/AIDS education and life skills for adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) and adolescent boys and young men (ABYM). Once Volunteers integrate into their communities, they work with youth leaders, clinical service providers, and community influencers to help prevent new infections among youth and work to improve care, support, and treatment services provided to those living with and affected by HIV and AIDS. Volunteers also co-facilitate clubs (Grassroot Soccer), camps (GLOW- Girls Leading Our World and BRO- Boys Reaching Out) and extracurricular activities that promote youth leadership.

Education Volunteers work hand-and-hand with the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) to support primary learners to increase their literacy, numeracy and life skills. The project’s dual focus spans Grades 1-7, supporting learners in the primary school to become literate in English and Math (Grades 1-4) and maintain healthy lifestyles (Grades 4-7). Volunteers also teach students the Lifeskills Based Sexuality Education curriculum, help establish functional school and community libraries, and assist communities in mitigating the effects of HIV/AIDS.

For more information about the projects in Lesotho please contact the Peace Corps Office, Maseru +266 22-313871.